" Vocally the ensemble member from New Zealand shone with breathtakingly beautiful depth and formidable, penetrating power "


"Stimmlich glänzte aus Neuseeland stammende Ensemblemitglied mit atemberaubend schöner Tiefe und geradezu fürchteinflössender Durchschlagskraft. "

Opernglas (Suzuki - Madame Butterfly)


“She bestows on the heroine just that captivating warm, erotic, sonorous voice that we associate with Carmen.  She is, incidentally, a terrific actress too and not just in this role.”

“Sie verleiht der Heldin genau jene hinreißend warme, erotische, klangvolle Stimme, die wir mit Carmen in Verbindung bringen Sie ist, ganz nebenbei, auch eine tolle Darstellerin, nicht nur für diese Rolle.”

Der Opernfreund


'The king's fiancée Amastre, German-based Auckland mezzo-soprano Kristin Darragh, the epitome of wily feminine subterfuge, shadowed the sibling pair in male guise as the confusion gradually unraveled; truly a performance of glowing ease.’

Music & Vision Daily

‘Kristin Darragh, in a trouser role, brought the manipulated Sesto to life, particularly in the dramatic pointing and easy musicianship of her recitative.’

NZ Herald, William Dart

‘Kristin Darragh had another opportunity to show off her attractive contralto register; with cello and recorder accompaniment, this aria was exquisite.’ ( Amastre )

Middle C, Classical Music Reveiws.

‘Kristin Darragh has great stage presence, literally and figuratively throughout. Her clear, yet robust mezzo, ideally suited in this genre.

(L’Italiana in Algeri).’ Theatre View. NZ.

‘Tatyana's sister Olga is given real meaning by Kristin Darragh.’

New Zealand Listener


Olga has found her successful interpretation, created by Kristin Darragh, young, but already well recognized mezzo-soprano from Auckland. The deep velvety sound of Kristin’s voice was giving a vivid picture of a spoiled child, which all of a sudden became a fatal woman for the whole story.’ Musical impressions.

‘Kristin Darragh’s rich voice and theatrical sense made her an excellent Olga.

Opera - Nicholas Tarling

‘Kristin Darragh’s Lucretia performance was unnerving and electric. This was a sophisticated portrayal of a difficult role; unsentimental, potent and credible. A mature performance in every way.’  RAM Club Newsletter

‘Kristin Darragh stands out for her finely judged and never overplayed Zita

The Stage UK

‘…only Kristin Darragh’s shrewish Zita had the vocal or dramatic presence to hit the right comic buttons’ Neil Fisher - The Times (UK)

‘Kristin Darragh (Siebel) sang very beautifully and acted her heart out.’ NZ Opera News

'Kristin Darragh is outstanding as Boris’ son Fyodor.’ Simon Tipping,Listener (NZ)

‘Darragh has a similar steeliness. Her gentle speaking voice is coupled with regal posture and nothing but focus in her eyes. Her passion and tenacity are so palpable, it’s hard to imagine her not making it.’ Rebecca Barry, Canvas Magazine, NZ Herald